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"I think I'm finally getting the hang of this math thing!...I'm actually getting excited about finishing this problem. That's like, the first time ever!"--K.T., Edison High School sophomore.

"Thanks to you, my daughter passed her math final. You also helped her to get an 'A' in the class.  She won't let me forget that and I'm referring you to others."--Frank T., father of Buchanan High School sophomore.

"Hey, that's not so hard. It's all falling into place now."--A., a high school student.

"If only they could teach this way at school. It's amazing how interesting math is when you're not in class."--A.V., 7th-grader.

"Last semester I had a 'D'.  This semester I have a 'B'.  I'm going for an 'A' on my test."--C.H., junior at Clovis West High School.

"You've helped me a lot.  You're a great teacher and you're very patient.  You've helped me understand everything."--S.A.S., senior at San Joaquin Memorial High School.

"The other night he told me, 'Grandma, I understand my math now!'"--L.B., grandmother and guardian of 6th-grader.

"Adrian showed me an easier way to do the math.  The book has a long explanation, but you showed me how to do it much quicker.  I showed your way to my friend."--"Junior," age 22, studying to pass the Armed Services ASVAB test.

"Did he tell you what happened?  He was standing at the board and looking at the problem--and you know how you have one of those moments?--He looked at it and started writing the answer.  It was like everybody's jaws dropped, because before this, everybody thought he wasn't that smart.  The teacher looked at it and was surprised and said, 'That's right.'"--Girlfriend of high school junior.

"He was getting an 'F' in his algebra class and was thinking he wouldn't be able to go to college and would go into the military.  Now he's getting an 'A' and everything has changed.  You really helped him turn himself around."--Mother of student mentioned above.

"You really did a wonderful job with B. and I really appreciate it."--Glenn B., father of student taking geometry at University High School.









"Napkin Notes on Algebra"

"Cubes (an amazing math trick)"

"How can I help my son or daughter?"

THIS CLASSIC BOOK is highly recommended for gifted students who are wanting to increase their knowledge and skills.